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Spray Nozzle Application

  • cooling nozzle
    Fabulous Car Wash

    Sanitizing Equipment in the Food Industry

    Internal Surfaces of Tanks & Vessels

    Screens and Filters...

  • shower nozzle
    Spray Coating

    Tablet Coating

    Coating with Rust Inhibitor

    Coating Baking Pans with Oil

    Liquid Additives in Dry Product

    Food Supplements and ...

  • mist nozzle
    Covered Patio Mist

    Roll & Caster Cooling in Steel ...

    Spray Cooling and Evaporative Ponds

    Hog and Beef Carcass Cooling

    Extruded PVC Pipe...

  • Washer Nozzle

    Die Lubrication on Large Forge Presses

    Applying Lubricants to Stamping Blanks

    Large Bearings and Gears ...

  • air nozzle
    Water Spray Air

    Paper & Produce Storage Buildings

    Ducts for Data Processing Rooms

    Environmental Test ...


OEM/ODM spriral nozzle

Tell us what spray nozzle you need, and then our service starts.

First our engineer will analyze your application and recommend the right atomizing nozzle, plastic nozzles,fan spray nozzle, flat fan nozzle, spray gun nozzle products for you.

Second, steel nozzle samples will be made to meet your requirements.

Our professional QC will test the nozzle samples strictly.

Then you will sign up the sample, which will be regarded as the reference when you check and accept our jet nozzle product before delivery.

File will be building in regard to your requirements and confirmed samples...


About Us

spray gun nozzle manufacturer
Changyuan Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is a high tech company which combined R&D, sales and production together. Our company has become one of the biggest manufacturers of spray nozzle in China after a development of more than 11 years.

The spray gun nozzle, atomizing nozzle, plastic nozzles, fan spray nozzle,flat fan nozzle manufactured by our company are of high degree accuracy and intractable. On the basis of spraying nozzles processing, Changyuan Co., Ltd. is developing precision finishing of hareware parts industry. Changyuan Co., Ltd.  has twenty Japan-made CNC automatic lathes whose precision can reach 2 micro or below, several sets of five spindle lathes whose orifice precision can reach 0.10mm. All the advanced equipments ensure...